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Crain Tri-Max Quick/Dual Clamp Tripod

Crain Tri-Max Quick/Dual Clamp Tripod

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This Quick and Dual Clamp Tri-Max Tripod is highly recommended for all sevro-driven and robotic total stations and 3-D laser scanners.

Weight: 20 lbs

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The Tri-Max features a 6-5/8-inch head with large center hole (2-5/8 inch) to facilitate an easy set-up over a point.

The Tri-Max also features an advanced foot design.  The large "footbed" is there to facilitate solid planting for stability.  The shape and size of the foot are designed to allow for a solid placement on any terrain.  The foot is equipped with a replaceable point and retention loop for use with a safety strap.

This Tri-Max verison features a positive locking dual clamp set-up.  This model has a twisting knob lock on the lower leg; the upper leg features a quick clamp.  All Tri-Max tripods feature locks that can be reversed to the inside of the leg if designed.  The Tri-Max is available in a dual clamp model which uses both style clamps on each leg for added security.

This tripod will hold a maximum of 65 lbs and expands to 71 inches and contracts to 44 inches.

Comes with a 5 year warranty.

Weight: 20 lbs

The Tri-Max can handle equipment up to 65 lb.
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Additional Information

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Details Tri-Max Quick/Dual Clamp Tripod