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Crain 35' LR Leveling Rod-10ths

Crain 35' LR Leveling Rod-10ths

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This leveling rod is made of a strong fiberglass and measures in 10ths.

Weights: 9 lbs
Collapses: 74 inches

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The LR leveling rod are round and collapse in to the base.  The shape makes it the perfect choice for applications in windy locations.  The LR-PRO is a larger in diameter (2 3/16 inches) so that it is sturdier and easier to read at higher heights.

It is constructed of strong, rigid fiberglass and features an internal stop mechanism that pervents the over extension of sections.  This 7 section leveling rod is waterproof and non-conductive.  It also sports a 5/8 x 11 female adapter on the top section and comes with a carrying/storage case.

Measure: 10ths
Weight: 9 lbs
Collapses: 74 inches
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Details 35' LR Leveling Rod-10ths